The Wedding Couple Sculpture 

The Bronze Sculpture was conceived as a work to celebrate a Wedding by the fabulous Maurice Harron in February 2009.  It depicts a Gaelic Couple on their Wedding Day over 400 years ago.  It was inspired by written descriptions of Gaelic men and women of the 16th Century.  One English Writer - Fynes Moryson wrote of the way young women rode side-saddle facing to the right hand side, the opposite of the practice in England.  

Wedding Sculpture maurice harron An Grianan hotel inishowen donegal derry

The powerful striding stallion and the still, unmoving couple present two contrasting images.  The man turns to his bride holding out his hand for her to grasp. This quiet, intimate gesture between the couple is symbolic of their great day and of the great promise they have made to each other.  

Maurice Harron was born in Derry~Londonderry in 1946 where he spent his childhood. He gained his Artistic Qualifications from the Ulster College of Art and Design in Belfast. His other famous sculptures include the 'Reconciliation/Hands across the divide' in Carlisle Square Derry~Londonderry (End of the blue Bridge) and the 'Gaelic Chieftain' in the Curlew mountains, Co. Roscommon.  

When visiting An Grianan Hotel they say it is good luck to get your picture taken with the special Wedding Couple and who knows, if you are not married already you may get to come back and enjoy your ''Special Day with us!''  

You know what they say after all - 

''Make it Special... Make it An Grianan...''