The Old Church, Burt
The origins of Burt Church that we have currently converted into our stunning Restaurant many believe to be lost in time.  It is said to be recorded that there was an old Chapel at Druim Bearta, whereby Burt got its name.  It is said to belong to the abbey of Macosquin and later became one of the five Chapels in the Parish of Templemore.  The Burt Church is said to have been built around 1620.   This Church however was replaced by a new one about two miles along the road in Newtown, around 1737.  

By 1780, it is said that the Church was in such bad repair that it simply could not be used. A certain Reverend John Bateman, is said to have used the premises as a glebe house and that no attempts to repair the Church were to be sanctioned.  In 1802, Andrew Ferguson and Peter B. Maxwell managed to go around the district and raise funds to repair the Church back to an image of its former glory.  On the 20th of March 1809, Burt became a perpetual curacy with 21 town lands.  A vestry was appointed and the first meeting was held on the 4th of April 1809.

The Old Church
The first Church Wardens were – Samuel Lockhart of Upper Bohillion and John Bresland of Speenoge.  In 1969, the Parish of Burt was amalgamated with Fahan Upper. However, the Rector of Fahan felt he could not accept responsibility of Burt so it was then looked after by Rev’d S.Downey, curate of St. Augustine’s, Londonderry.  It was then closed in 1973. The Church was then sold in 1989.  It is now in the hands of An Grianan Hotel and has been restored to much of its former glory with many of the original features still visible today, such as the stain glass windows, Timber beam roof plus more.  We have since now renovated it into our main ‘Fine Dining’ Restaurant and we also serve breakfast here every morning to the delight of all our guests staying.

A big thank you to Canon David Crookes for the information stated above.