Glenveagh National Park is one of 6 national parks located within Ireland. The Glenveagh national park is situated on the north west of Donegal. Glenveagh consists of 16.000 hectares in the Derryveagh Mountains. There is a large variety of animals and plants to be found in the Glenveagh national park. Prior to being made a national park they were privately maintained as a deer forest before 1975. 
Lough Veagh Glenveagh national park
The national park also hosts a Visitor Centre for the public. The Visitor Centre is located on the northern end of Lough Veagh near the edge of the national park. There are extensive displays that provide an introduction to the parks natural built history and provide information on walking trails and events etc.

Glenveagh Castle

The Visitor Centre
has several facilities within it. Such as information, audio visual car parks, displays, bus tickets, toilets and a restaurant that is open from Easter until September.  
The gardens around the castle within the national park are stunning and well maintained. The gardens are one of the main aspects of the castle that was always appreciated from the 1800's.

One of the first private owners who owned the castle ‘Mr Adair’ and then his wife started the tradition of refining and developing the gardens. In the summer there is a mix of bright colours and different types of plants in that area and then in the autumn the garden becomes rustic with all the autumn colours.  The national park have the Glenveagh Castle on site also. The history of the castle alone is fascinating hearing how it was built and then how it was taking over for the national park and how it has been kept ever since. Glenveagh House and garden

The national park itself is open all year round apart from Good Friday and Christmas week it is CLOSED. The National Park itself is approximately 48km from the An Grianan Hotel, around a 45 minute drive.

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