The Aurora Borealis in Inishowen, Co.Donegal  

What is it? 
Defined as a natural electrical phenomenon in the skies.  Beams of bouncing light streaming across the night sky with green, yellow & pinkish tones.  Best places to see this spectacular masterpiece is in dark locations un spoilt with human light i.e. Coastal regions such as Malin Head, Culdaff and Shrove in Greencastle, Inishowen, Co.Donegal.  The ideal times to come and witness this spectacle would be from October onwards.  They say it can be visible with the naked eye but you may have more joy with high-quality cameras.  Some local Professional Photographers can advise you on this.  Such as; Ronan McLaughlin, Adam Rory Porter and Michael Gill to name but a few. 
Aurora Aurora Lights
Malin Head & Shroove Greencastle, Inishowen respectively (Images from Failte Ireland Content Pool)
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